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Roma Hassanih

Horror Game, Darkness Anomaly Needs Your Support!

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Darkness Anomaly is out on the Indie Development Fund from the CRYENGINE. And we need your support to get us funded! And all you need to do is click the "LIKE PROJECT" Button on the Darkness Anomaly Project Site. 

With your help we will be able to create more amazing content and improve the quality of Darkness Anomaly to make it more awesome then it is at the moment!

So its simple, you click the "Like Project" Button

And we create the most amazing horror experience in an indie game! 

Support Darkness Anomaly!


Darkness Anomaly is a thrilling and innovative open world horror game, with an unique technique of exploring and story telling that we came up with. You will experience the horror on a whole new level. With realistic environment, event-tracking, an amazing storyline in which you make the decisions and its required to pay attention to every little detail in this game. Cryengine gives us the possibility to create a realistic world, a whole town to explore and investigate in, combined with the opportunity that Crytek gives us: Virtual Reality.

Our goal is to create an amazing storyline which will bind the player emotionally to the game and by that increase the horror feeling of it. Darkness Anomaly tells an emotional epic story of a detective trying to protect the world from his opponent who managed to obtain the power of a mighty demon and trying to fulfill his ideology. A stormy cat and mouse game starts between those three sides which causes some heavy collateral damage. Besides that the detective, Nick Revees, is being confronted with his childhood which bonded him with this city a long time ago. The Story of Darkness Anomaly combined with the atmosphere will give you an amazing time with 25-30h of gameplay, a time where the full story, the beauty and the horror of it can unfold itself. This all combined with the amazing work of many voice actors and a really remarkable soundtrack makes Darkness Anomaly a great game to experience on PC and Xbox One. Which leads us to the gameplay. We came up with an extraordinary technique of conversations with NPC's ingame.

You are the detective, you got a badge. By investigating, you will be able to get the right answer you need by showing your badge, or maybe, to ask friendly is the right way? On this decision the whole conversation takes its own turning. Someone can get angry if you show the badge, in that case you can put your hands on the holster of your weapon. Maybe that will calm them down. Or not. If you shoot, you will also have to handle the consequences. So its up to you how to handle the survey and your way to investigate. The idea of Darkness Anomaly was to bind the player emotional to the world of Kingdom Valley, to the characters, make their actions understandable and accountable. Not to make it a simple shooter with some horror elements, but make every bullet you have, an important decision. You don't have a big arsenal of weapons, you just have as a detective you are your weapon - to think before you shoot, to be able to understand the consequences of hurting someone. The game horror, is not only filled with jump scares, but filled with a decent hidden amount of paranoia. There is a system we are using in this game, where every event you encounter leads to another one. For this you have to explore the world.

You can rush through from one task to another, but you wont be able to unfold the whole experience Darkness Anomaly will be offering you. Every detail counts. You enter the world of Kingdom Valley by your own. You have your motel where you sleep, the bar, the police station and the whole city to explore as well as the wooded areas of the town. Your second case as the player, will be a dead woman found in an alley. As you follow the hints the body left, you encounter strange things happening to you. (that's where the horror comes in). You will find out that the soul of this dead woman, slowly becomes a manifestation of the deadly sin she made in her life. She becomes a lost soul. A being of pure will to get back to life, by taking yours. To prevent this, you have to find out who she was, what she did and why she did it. To decide at the end which sin it was and weaken the power of the lost soul when encountering her in a fight. 

To be completely engulfed by the atmosphere, we made the riddle system a very hard one which will sometimes require to act outside of the game to make you feel like you are a real detective. To include this into Darkness Anomaly was not an easy task, but it was something that I personally wanted - to make the riddles hard and going back in time of old retro games.

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