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Trouble with Lua Stack overflows

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I am using C#, NLua and SFML.net.


I have a lua script which is causing Stack Overflow exceptions... but I am not recursing in anyway...


Here is the lua script:




function OnCollider(sysman, ent1, ent2)
   if (sysman:LUAHasComponent('EntranceComponent',ent2)) then
sysman:LogToConsole('Bumped into an Entrance');
if  eComp.Coords=='' then
   sysman:LogToConsole("Empty cords. Go up a level.");
 sysman:LogToConsole('Creating dungeon tilemap');
   -- sysman:LogToConsole(eComp.Coords .. "abc" .. "QRD");
 nxtCord=eComp.Coords .. ":[";
 nxtCord=nxtCord .. pLoc.TileLocation.X;
 nxtCord=nxtCord .. ",";
 nxtCord=nxtCord .. pLoc.TileLocation.Y;
    --sysman:LogToConsole(eComp.Coords .. ":[" .. (pLoc.TileLocation.X) .. "," .. (pLoc.TileLocation.Y));
 --sysman:LogToConsole --..","..pLoc.TileLocation.Y.."]");
   if (depth==1) then
   sysman:LogToConsole('Creating GlobalTilemap');
if (depth==2) then 
   sysman:LogToConsole('Creating LocalTilemap');
if (depth>2) then 
   sysman:LogToConsole('Creating MinimalTilemap');
sysman:LogToConsole('Setting run result');
   request = Request.CreateRequest('ActionInput',ent1, actionData);
  --r.Visible=not r.Visible;


The  exception occurs when this bit of script is ran (I will number these lines)

1  sysman:LogToConsole('Creating dungeon tilemap');
 -- sysman:LogToConsole(eComp.Coords .. "abc" .. "QRD");
3 pLoc=sysman:LUAGetComponent('LocationComponent',ent1);
5 nxtCord=eComp.Coords .. ":[";
6 nxtCord=nxtCord .. pLoc.TileLocation.X;
7 nxtCord=nxtCord .. ",";
8 nxtCord=nxtCord .. pLoc.TileLocation.Y;
9 sysman:LogToConsole(nxtCord);
10 --sysman:LogToConsole(pLoc.TileLocation.Y);
 11   --sysman:LogToConsole(eComp.Coords .. ":[" .. (pLoc.TileLocation.X) .. "," .. (pLoc.TileLocation.Y));
Ok, I I comment out line 8 I do not get an overflow exception.
If I Comment out line 8 and replace line 6 with line 8 I do not get an overflow exception...
LUGGetComponent returns a struct with a set of members, one of which is TileLocation. TileLocation is a sfml Vector2i with two public members X and Y 

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Blowing your stack can be messy. :-)


If it isn't recursion, the next thing to check is large amounts of data on the stack.  


Look for large arrays or buffers or similar, basically looking at all the local variables in the stack trace.  If you've got arrays of several thousand items or some multidimensional arrays, both can consume your stack.


Sometimes in optimized builds, inlined functions with large stack use can also trigger blowing the stack.  


Global variables can also sometimes use stack space, but generally don't; even so, look for large static items and clean them up while you are at it.

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Also, check that the C-functions you use pop everything they push temporarily and the amount of return values you return matches the amount you pushed.

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Thanks for the help. It turns out there was a bug in SFML... it had gotten fixed about two years ago but i Guess the fix never made it to the version hosted on sfml's site...


Got the source from git hub, rebuilt and everything is good to go. Thanks again.

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