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Eduard Achitei

[GooglePlay]WarBot "1 men show game"

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i guys,


I've been working on this game for about 1 year.

I started from scratch by learning Unity and having some small experience with 3dsMax I was able to do the modelling.

Textures and sound mostllyI took them from free resources webpages.

The game is now on android store:


-it is an action top-down camera game, where user plays the role of a robot fighting other robots for saving human race.

-I hope is better than other similar games because I made some intelligent puzzle-traps to solve in each level,

there is a boss on the end of each 2-3 levels, and the levels are different, as much as I could do it: there are different enemies, lasers,

saw-weels, mines, platforms, fire-balls, moving lasers, spikes and other...

-the graphics are not the best but I hope that is at least not boring.


I would be thankful If you give me your opinion about the game.



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