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Utah C++ Programmers: Embedded Programming with the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP

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Utah C++ Programmers

September 14, 2016

6pm - 8pm

Embedded Programming with the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP


This month, Richard Thomson will give us a look at embedded programming with C++ using the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP (GBA) as our target system.  Some of the topics we will cover are:
• How does the compilation environment differ for embedded systems? 
• How do I unit test code written for embedded systems?
• How do C++'s lightweight abstractions help prevent us from making mistakes when targetting an embedded system?
Specifically for readers, what you will get out of this talk is how to get started with GBA development.  Along the way we'll discuss concerns related to embedded development in general.
Dinner is provided, so RSVP through so we have an accurate head count for food.
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