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Intern Programmer , looking to join a team

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My name is Keanu,
Im searching for a team that is willing to take on a strong and hard working student/team member. It would be awsome to be apart of a team that i can share ideas with , take on tasks with and obviously learn alot whilst gaining some serious experience.
I have been programming for about 4 years now , starting in year 9 in which i started with Game Maker and learned GML, and have made some pretty decent prototypes on the computers at school in my spare time ,  i have touched my feet in abit of HTML and CSS , some python , and a small bit of Java but have found my language to learn ; C# .  I am 16 and am currently working 7am-3pm in a metal production factory, but please dont shrug me off because of my age. I am the most dedicated , passionate and motivated student you will work with.


I recently got my first computer , and got a laptop just this week, im a  member of and am currently completing a course in C# visual studio. I am also a frequent user of Udemey and have completed 3 courses in Game Maker. I have looked into paying for a tutor but have decided it would be better just to join a team and work together and hopefully create some awsome friends along the way.


Anyways , please contact me at if you seriously want to work together , please only serious people though.

Cheers guys :)

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