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Visual Studio 2015 and Mesh Content Task

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This time I have a problem with working on Samples from Direct3D Rendering Cookbook (

I'm working on Mesh Skinning, and when I'm running my app, I see the grid, but I can't see my Character.

It's probably because I didn't load Mesh Content Task files to my project, so I did this like it's mentioned in this article:


But after that I can't open my solution until I will remove that line mentioned in the article.

I have even tried to download the project from the repo of the Direct3D Rendering Cookbook, but I can't even open the Solution until I remove (again) the Mesh Content Task import line.

What to do?


EDIT: I have found the BuildTargets for the Mesh in Visual Studio 2015 files, everything went fine, 0 errors, but after applying that and setting my Character.fbx's Build Action to "MeshContentTask" I still can't see my Model.

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(J.K already knows this, but for anyone else that stumbles across this)


The issue is that Visual Studio 2015 has changes to the MeshContentTask. Also the version in that download has conditions for VS 11.0 and 12.0.


You also cannot copy the Visual Studio 2015 version directly without some changes (it is designed for a C++ project). I have attached an updated version to and will be committed to the repository once it has been made backwards compatible.

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