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[Help Needed] [Profit Share] Game Create Studio Need every role (Details)

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Hello! I am mat2567, Content Director at Game Create Studios (an indie game group), and we need some help. Below is some roles we need, if you want to help but dont fit those roles we will gladly talk with you on discord. 


Some info about the game: 

The type of game is a police styled FPS. Think of it like GTA's LSPD:FR mod, but with story and more things you can do. 


Some info about the team:

We are friendly and open to everyone, but we may turn down programmers because we have too many right at the moment. We do not require you to be good at what you want to do, but you will need to be able to meet due dates and be able to make the thing we request with good quality.



Who to talk to in discord:

If you live in the USA then I, mat2567, would be the person you would most likely talk to; however, the Game Design lead, Zedix, may be the person you see the most if you are outside of the USA. We will both be friendly as long as you are. 



These are what you MUST have for us to approve you:

Artist (any kind): at least 1 original piece (We will check)

Programmer: Since we dont need you for the most part, we will interview you

Modeler: Join the discord... We dont need anything from you.

Story Writer: Show us you can write a good short story.

World Design: Talk to Zedix in the Discord.

Anything else not listed: Join the discord, tell us your skill, and show us you can do that.


Role list: 





If you plan to spam us, claim other peoples work, or do anything harsh to us you will be banned without us providing a second chance.


Our Discord:




This post is not monitored by Game Create Studio staff members.

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