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March of the Boos [Google Play + Free HTML5 Demo]

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Hi everyone, with my brother we made our first mobile game with AGK and we wanted to show it to you.


Game trailer :


Description of the game : March of the Boos is a portal defense game. Summon a spell from the surrounding torches to defend your portal against oncoming Boos. Destroying Boos with the spells will also charge your portal's energy, which can be triggered to launch powerful magic blasts that will wipeout all onscreen Boos and rekindle the torches!

Watch out for the golden Boos! Even though you'll hear them coming, they are extra fast and impervious to your portal's magic blasts. Destroying them will give you bonus points and help your portal recover health.


More infos and HTML5 demo :

Play Store :


Let us know what you guys think about it !

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