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[WIP] Clash of the Daemons

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Link :


  • Arrow keys to move
  • CTRL for melee attack
  • SHIFT for ranged attack

This is a hack 'n slash based on a prototype for an AI implementation of behavior trees, which is the main reason of this project.

Sprites of monsters come from The title screen and the HUD were made by myself.


Features implemented so far:

  • 2D circle based collisions
  • AI (cf. below)
  • Pathfinding (not enabled for now)
  • Respawn of monsters


AI behaviors implemented so far:

  • Red monster : Melee attack
  • Orange monster : Ranged attack
  • Khaki monster : Hit and run
  • Yellow monster : Just wandering



  • Written in TypeScript
  • Powered by Phaser Framework


If anyone serious enough is interested to improve this game (game design, game play, graphics, optimizations), feel free to contact me.

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