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Clash of the Daemons

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Link : http://yahiko.developpez.com/apps/ClashDaemons/


  • Arrow keys to move
  • CTRL for melee attack
  • SHIFT for ranged attack

This is a hack 'n slash based on a prototype for an AI implementation of behavior trees, which is the main reason of this project.

Sprites of monsters come from OpenGameArt.org. The title screen and the HUD were made by myself.


Features implemented so far:

  • 2D circle based collisions
  • AI (cf. below)
  • Pathfinding (not enabled for now)
  • Respawn of monsters


AI behaviors implemented so far:

  • Red monster : Melee attack
  • Orange monster : Ranged attack
  • Khaki monster : Hit and run
  • Yellow : Just wandering



  • Written in TypeScript
  • Powered by Phaser Framework


If anyone serious enough is interested to improve this game (game design, game play, graphics, optimizations), feel free to contact me.



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Hi everyone!

Here are some news about my little project which can be tested here: Clash of the Daemons.

  • We can now move and attack at the same time. More generally, the input handling has been improved with implementation of multiple commands assignement for a keystroke as well as a delay before repeat.
  • We can go back to the title screen after the game over.
  • Behaviors can now be assembled together.
  • High-level behaviors have been redesigned, especially ranged attack and hit-and-run.
  • A new behavior, sneak attack, has been implemented (Fig. 2).
  • A character (pawn) can have a set of weapons (inventory). Current weapons are claw (melee) and fireballs (ranged). Only one weapon can be active at a time. Each weapon has a charging time (time needed before activation), an activation time (time the weapon is active as well as its effects) and a cooldown time (time during which the weapon is unsusable).
  • Key mapping has been changed accordingly. CTRL to attack, and TAB to switch to the next weapon.
  • Debugging mode has been improved. These following informations can be displayed: FPS, grid, velocity vector, obstacle detector, hitbox, collisions, simplified sprites (Fig. 3).
  • Improved the build process with the automation of graphical assets compilation (mainly the spritesheet).
  • Title screen has been updated and improved a little bit (Fig 1.)

Bug fixes:

  • Attack animations run to their last frame.
  • A memory leak in the AI module has been fixed.
  • When the player loses a life, the HP bar now updates accordingly.
  • Monsters will not be spawned at the same location of another game object anymore.

Fig. 1: Title screen

Fig. 2: Sneak attack behavior

Fig. 3: Displaying debug mode informations

There is a lot of room for improvements (and bug fixes! ^_^) of course. 

Still, if there is anyone serious enough interested in this project, for improving its game design, gameplay, graphics, sounds, musics, background story, programming also, feel free to contact me.



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