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Flint and Charlie - Puzzle-platformer

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I am making a Puzzle-Platformer with an intended audience for people who'd play these type of games:
Portal, Tiny and big, Quantum Conundrum, Human: fall flat, Braid, Thomas was alone, Talos Principle, Monument valley, Unravel, Papo & yo, Inside, Contrast, Fez, Parallax and Chromagun.
As you can see the range of theme's and aesthetics in these games are quite wide, and I'd like to check with you what ideas you get for extending the theme im working on.
The Mechanics of the gameplay:
You control Charlie from a standard 3d-platformer perspective, think mario 64 / spyro.
Charlie has an arsenal of tools (or abilities) that help Charlie traverse the night citylandscape:
* A traktorbeam which can lift and toss objects (cubes and the like).
* Gravity modifying fields that Charlie and objects can move into shifting gravity to go upside-down or coming from west/south for that individual object.
* Basic platforming in the form of running jumping.
You use these mechanics to complete puzzles that are integrated into the leveldesign.
For example you might have to alter the gravity direction of a cube to get it placed sideways on a building so that you (in regular gravity) can jump on them like platforms.
The Aesthetics of the world / game:
Minimalistic night skyline with fantasy/dream-like elements such as the city bending from inception and
walking up the side of buildings.
Below is an image of a concept I made in Unity of what a level could look like from far away, closer it would have a higher level of detail.
I want to hear your ideas for the theme, the game, the world etc. So please write anything you wish!
And for those of you who want specific questions, here are some:
* With this type of game, what ideas do you get for how the character would look?
* Does this theme remind you of something(movie/book/game/whatever)?
* What do you imagine would complement the ideas and theme?
* What do you think needs to be changed?

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Here's the theme im landing on from feedback from other places. What do you think?




It's supposed to be 80's retro futurism.

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