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Logics Behiend games Like Clash Of Clans

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Does Strategy Games Like Clash of Clans Or... use a unique pattern or formula for economy and other things in their game?'


for example how many hours should upgrading a bulding take, or how much it costs, how much get reward from a battle, or even what should be the scale of money or special goods in the game.


and if answer is yes, (That i think sourly it Must be yes) How can I find things like that for my own game?  

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use a unique pattern or formula for economy and other things in their game?'


They do use formulas, it doesn't produce exact results however it gives a ballpark figure allowing for testing.

Check "incremental increase formulas".



Incremental increase, is a idea used in RPG and RTS games since the dawn of time.

This mechanic works as it mimics the real world phenomenon. When you start learning a new skill or undertake a new task it's easier to improve in the beginning and the more you exercise the skill the harder it is to make any progress. In other words, when a game mimics this, your brain adapts thinking that the extra effort is only natural.


Example: If you had capture 10 pigs in a pen, your first one would be easy as you can just target the slowest pig and corner it, also just running at them will cause panic and collisions making it easier on you.

When you have capture most of the pigs and only have one left, the chances are that it's the most cunning and fastest pig in the pen, now there is all the space in the world for it to run; making it very hard to capture the last one.


This is emulated in games with XP and other resources. At level 1 you need one enemy to level up, for level 10 it's a hundred.

A Woodcutter only costs 10 wood to make, upgrading the woodcutter needs 50 wood and 10 stone.


The bad side of these mechanics is that they are programmed into people, they are important to our survival and as such they can be used to drain us of our time and money.

Search: "What is operant conditioning?" "Skinner's Box"



Conditioning is a large and important part of games, how you use it is your choice.

I believe that making games for money is a reasonable goal, it's just to bad that more people get rich from lotteries than developers ever do from making games.

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