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Bitphoria Public Beta Initial Release

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 Hi all, been working on a rather complex fully-customizable multiplayer action shooter with procedurally generated assets, and a procedurally-generated voxel world that repeats seamlessly to eliminate world-boundaries.


 The engine is called Bitphoria, and games that run in it are described entirely through a simple scripting system written into text files. Whatever game you describe to the engine is loaded up when you start a server and compiled into a 'bitfile' that is conveyed to connecting clients, who can then play whatever custom game you designed without having to download anything externally.. From there they can start their own servers using the bitfile downloaded.


 There are many features that make this game engine unique, and fun just to make stuff inside of. Game logic is easily created using a command-based scripting system that *does* create some restrictions, but also makes it really easy to learn and produce interesting things. There is a default deathmatch game with AI baddies to get in your way while battling other players, along with two other simple games (both incomplete at this time) that are intended to demonstrate the wide range of possibilities for games built out of the Bitphoria engine.


A master server is currently setup and running to allow users to start their own servers (don't forget to forward your UDP port on your router!) and play with other players.


I've been developing this engine for over two years, and have finally reached a point where it would be great to let people show this thing off to their social media connects and generate some feedback for me to direct further development.


You can find the download on my itch.io page: http://deftware.itch.io/bitphoria

Read more about Bitphoria's development on my blog: http://deftware.blogspot.com

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