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Void Pointer

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I have a simple test program like this which seems to work fine.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

struct datastruct
    int packageID;
    int value;
} data;

void main()

    void *packet = malloc(sizeof(data));
    memcpy(packet, &data, sizeof(data));

    printf("%d\n", ((int *)packet)[0]);
    printf("%d\n\n", ((int *)packet)[1]);


    memcpy(&data, packet, sizeof(data));

    printf("%d\n", ((int *)packet)[0]);
    printf("%d\n", ((int *)packet)[1]);

But when I try to do similar in my other project, it compiles but crashes.  I send like so...

SteamNetworking()->SendP2PPacket(steamuser, &package1, sizeof(package1), k_EP2PSendReliable);

Then read like so.

    uint32 msgSize = 0;
        printf("Packet available...\n");

        void *packet = malloc(msgSize);
        CSteamID steamIDRemote;
        uint32 bytesRead = 0;

        if(SteamNetworking()->ReadP2PPacket(&packet, msgSize, &bytesRead, &steamIDRemote))
            printf("Message size: %d", msgSize);
            printf("Packet read with ID %d\n", ((int *)packet)[0]);   // Crashes on this line
            printf("and value %d\n", ((int *)packet)[1]);

The program prints out the correct message size but crashes when it gets to the next line.


I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.  How would I read the two values?  (The eventual goal is to memcpy the packet read into the right struct, depending on the ID.)




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You probably want ReadP2PPacket(packet instead of ReadP2PPacket(&packet


The difference is writing to the memory you allocated versus the memory where the pointer is allocated.

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You were exactly right.  Thank you!  (I'm horrible with pointers and dereferencing and such.)


Funny enough, I fixed that and on one structure it worked but another it didn't.  Couldn't figure it out for a while, until I looked at how I defined the structs.  The IDs were alls... chars.  :blink:  It's a fluke one worked at all.  Switched them to ints and now it works as expected.  Pumped to get some coding done tomorrow.  Thanks again!

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