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ORB: Greenlight

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Hello all! ORB is now on Greenlight!

ORB is a rather unique 2D single-player puzzle game in that it uses fast paced challenges as a reward for solving puzzles which require thought and precise actions.

After Orb's home is destroyed, he finds himself trapped in an alternate Dimension called the Puzzleverse.

Here he must find the 12 fragmented pieces of the galaxy, and unite them in the centre. Once all pieces are united,

the gate to Ophicius will open, and will reveal Orb's hardest puzzles and challenges yet.

Help ORB through Greenlight! Any and all assistance will be truly appreciated!!

Help ORB Through Greenlight

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Hey guys!


I've launched a Steam Concepts page in hopes to get some more feedback from the community : http://bit.ly/orbcpts


It would be awesome to hear your thoughts and suggestions! 





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Quick update time!
Orb is on a quest is to locate the 12 shattered fragments of the galaxy in an alternate universe called the Puzzleverse. However for Orb to reach each constellation, he has to brave his way through what is known as Wormhole Challenges.
The 12 fragments of the shattered galaxy are not the only items that can be found within the puzzles of the Puzzleverse - as Orb's journey continues he'll come across unique unlocks and abilities which will provide the much needed assistance in conquering the wormhole challenges. Given that the video below shows a rough work in progress, a little explanation may be necessary:
The blue orbs are health pickups, the yellow orbs are dash pickups and the red orbs are enemy chasers.
Although you can't see it in the video, the goal of this particular challenge is to catch a shooting star. If you look to the right of the video, you'll see an arrow pointing to your target.
Check it out - it needs work, but i think its awesome :)


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Another quick update time!

I've been hard at work polishing up a few areas of the game, have a look! Feedback / Suggestions always welcome :)


(Left) Title Cover / Box Art  -  (Right) A shot of the game's intro cut scene


[attachment=33732:ORB Official Cover Coming Soon.png] [attachment=33733:Orbs Intro Cut 2.png]




ORB: Wormhole Teaser featuring the Back Blast Unlock Ability and a wicked beat!




The Games Unlock and Progression Wheels


[attachment=33734:Skill and Zodiac.png]


Colour Swap Teaser:



In-Game Editor (View ORB through a different lens)



Examples of the Unlock Screens:


[attachment=33735:dash.jpg] [attachment=33736:bash.jpg]



And two more teasers - ORB's X-Ray Vision on District 9


[attachment=33737:Disctrict 9.jpg]  [attachment=33738:District 9 - X Ray.jpg]



Hope you've enjoyed these updates! Till next time - cheers!



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Hey all!


I am super excited to share with you my first official teaser trailer for the upcoming alpha demo of ORB:



Why not stay in touch with the development of ORB and head over to http://www.orbgame.net - here you will find links to all the sites I regularly update to, my social links as well as my presskit page which gives you a little more detail over what ORB is about.


Hope to see you guys around!


Later :)

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