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Travis Couture

3D Artists Animators and Developers

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I am currently beginning development of a first-person video game powered by Unity. The game will initially be developed for the PC with ports to consoles possible in the future. Although I am capable of designing models, levels, effects and code myself I would like to get a small team together to take on this project. I want to make it clear that there will be no pay involved during production! However, I will cover food/drink expense if we meet in person for development! These opportunities are perfect for university students looking to get their feet wet, or need an internship to graduate, and those with experience looking for an exciting new project. Most importantly, this project is about having fun and developing a polished working game!

Desire and drive to communicate or meet regularly to push development forward
Some level of experience (personal/professional) with any of the following:
Blender, Maya, 3Ds Max, Adobe Fuse CC/Mixamo, etc...
Image manipulation software (Adobe Photoshop preferred)
A full fledged programming language (C# preferred)
A game engine (Unity preferred)
Experience with version control (Git/GitHub preferred)

Experience with audio editing software

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have or if you are interested in joining the team! Do not worry if you don't have years of experience. This entire project is about learning while developing a game. I hope to hear from you soon!

I wanted to edit my original post to contain some of the lure or background story for the game I have in mind. See below for more details.


Available Positions:

Programmer - 2

3D Artist - 2

Animator - 2

Level Designer - 2

Audio/FX Designer - 2

Chronologically, the game will be set at sometime in the future where humans have become an interstellar species and have partially fused with the technology they have created but are still a long ways away from a Utopian society and understanding everything about the universe. The game will focus around a team of deep space explorers/salvagers that have recently detected a signal originating from outside the normal influence of the Milky Way's gravity. Upon further inspection of the signal, and its red shift, the team discover that the signal is being transmitted from an Earth-like planet within a star system. However, the star system is not normal as its star is classified as hyper-velocity star. For anyone unfamiliar with physics or astrological terms a hyper-velocity star is a star that has exceeded the escape velocity of its home galaxy and is now considered "rogue" or "drifting." This essentially means the star can leave its home galaxy and travel through the vast emptiness of intergalactic space. Needless to say, the team is overly excited and ambitious about such a discovery and are enthralled by what they may find on the planet. In order to secure their discovery the team does not inform anyone else of their whereabouts or intentions. This is ironic as the arrogance of humans continues despite knowing more about the cosmos than ever.

From here, the team uses their ship's alcubierre drive (warp drive) to reach the edge of the spiral arm in the Milky Way that the rogue system is predicted to fly by. Once the system enters sub-light range, the team place their main ship in orbit and take a jumper down to the planet's surface while trying to collect as much data as possible. The team land their jumper on a beach a couple kilometres away from the signal source. The pilot is planned to return to the ship in orbit and pick the surface crew up once they have completed their exploration of the signal and the area around it. However, this obviously won't go according to plan. It's important to note that in humans' exploration of the Milky Way, they have never come across any other form of life that has evolved from a primitive single cell state and are convinced they are alone as intelligent multicellular beings in the galaxy. However, the team's mistake is failing to remember that this system is not from the Milky Way and may not necessarily hold true to this dogma. It is too late for them to consider this by the time the pilot is ready to leave in the jumper. From the shallow waters on the beach, human sized alien creatures attach to the jumper and start to attack it. The pilot attempts to thrust into the upper atmosphere hoping the low pressure will kill the creatures but when the main engines on the jumper expand out and prepare to fire, one of the creatures stab one of its spines into the engine. The resulting damage to the engine causes a catastrophic containment failure that causes the jumper to explode. The explosion kills all the creatures along with the pilot, destroys the jumper and also scatters the team and damages most of their technological components. As the crew awakens the player is left in control of a technologically advanced human/machine hybrid that is damaged and incapable of utilising its full potential. Although some advanced functions remain, the player must rely on primitive methods for survival and defence. To make matters worse, their only way out of the system is in orbit and they are unable to communicate with the ship remotely due to damage they sustained during the explosion and EM burst. The only option the team is left with is to locate the source of the signal and hope that they find some sort of useful technology at its epicentre or along the way. To make matters worse, the rogue system will be leaving the Milky Way in a matter of days. Although their ship has warp capabilities, they are limited and of course require energy. If the system extends too far past the edge of the Milky Way the reaming crew will have no hope of returning.

The central theme of the game involves combining limited futuristic technologies with the primitive nature of human beings. This will force players to approach puzzles and enemies in different ways than other first person games. Additionally, being stuck on a planet from outside the Milky way means the crew has no knowledge of native flora and biota and have no idea what to expect.


What I Am Looking For Art Wise

I'd like to have creatures/enemies that are mostly quadrupedal (or greater) in nature. There will be bipedal/humanoid enemies but not until mid to late game. The crew/main characters should look mostly human with technological aspects. I have a draft model available that I made in Fuse CC for the main character style. Below you can find an example of the type of creatures/enemies I'm looking for. As you may noticed I want the creatures to have roots in animals found on earth but with clear differences that make them completely alien.




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Hey Good Day My name is Lawayne and I am interested in the post of 3D Modeller,I am relatively new to modelling and digital art but I have been an artist and painter for quite a while.I have experience with a wide variety of software and I am learning more stuff everyday.


Software Used:

Blender(Main Software used for 3D Modelling)

Maya 2016

Daz 3D(new to me)


Unity 5(Main Game Engine Used)


3DS Max


I am proficient in Photoshop also and I do art from concept to finished 3D Models.


I am also skilled in programming in C# as well in Unity.Recently began fiddling with UE4 which i think is amazing  :) .


If i am able to join your team I will prove to be a very useful asset to you.I am not looking for payment at the moment and rev share is fine with me.All i am seeking is an opportunity to work with others in Game Development and to meet and interface with the creative minds of others in an attempt to help me understand as well.I am very adaptable to any situation and bring with me a pretty wide spectrum of knowledge.I am very open minded as well,not to mention very fun loving.I look forward to your reply.


Thank You

Lawayne Bennett

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