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My first Game. A vertical Shooter in the Spirtit of Raptor.

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Hey there. I just wanted to share my first ever game creation with you folks out there. If you try it, let me know if you liked it!
You can download it in the link at the bottom.


The first game i ever got to a playable state. I had a more advanced version of this but stopped working on it years ago. Lately i re-discovered my pre alpha version and was surprised that it worked pretty well as a game. Since i dont have the original project files anymore i decided to call this project finished.

Gameplay and Features:
It is a vertical scrolling shooter in handrawn 2d grafics.
It features:
- 7 levels
- 3 well scaled difficulty levels
- an upgrade and inventory system with a variety of different items and usable skills

- sound effects
- different characters (pilots) to choose from. Some only cosmetic, others with special abilities.

Recommended Settings:
- Just set windows resolution to 800x600 for the time playing (if not it will appear pixelated).

-W,A,S,D: movement
-Numlock0: shoot active weapons
-1,2,3,4,5: deactivate, activate weapons
-6,7,8,9,0: use special abilities (called sub systems)
-ESC exit game

Known Bugs:
-Dont press 6,7,8,9 or 0 (sub system) if the respective slot is empty. It will through up an error message which can be ignored though.




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Hey dannerz,

that's sad. I made it in 2013 on an already old machine back then. It was made with the free old version of gamemaker (8.1). Maybe it doesnt run on all  machines now. At least on my friends computer and on my current computer it runs fine.

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