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Online Portfolio Design

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The layout looks good and clean, you are wasting some space on the right that you can use for descriptions.


The problem I think you have is that there isn't any thing visually stunning. You are competing in a heavy saturated market and will need some thing to hook clients.

Most of your skills don't really have a visual element to show, however people will judge based on looks. I recommend getting a 3D artist to help with that helicopter.

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I'm assuming this is for applying for jobs as there links to a resume?


It's a bit difficult to judge without the actual content but here goes:


- Image on the left is distracting and looks like CSS code (?) which isn't the main language/skill you want to showing off? I would remove the text from the background

- None of the projects have descriptions so I would leave room a paragraph or two per project

- Is the web design responsive? How does it look on a mobile device?

- If you are having that many YouTube embeds on a single page, it takes a huge hit on the page load time. I recommend 'lazy' loading them

- The font is quite wide per character making it quite hard to read the titles. I suggest using a narrower font


Here is an old but still relevant guide for developer portfolios: https://engineering-game-dev.com/category/education/the-elusive-demo-portfolio/

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