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[Rev-Share] Graphic artist for adult themed game

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First let me introduce myself. I am a computer programmer with over 20 years experience mainly writing server software for unix based systems (smtp, pop3, imap) . The last couple of years I have worked on the ai in bots for video games. Although this is my first crack at a game I am experienced with the development cycle and dealing with publishers. I have been developing the game concept and play with an ex-amateur porn star and professional escort.

This is an adult themed game but not a sex game. It follows the tycoon style of games.

The Artist needs to be comfortable with adult themes and lingo. I envisioned this using 2d/2.5d graphics but if you are a 3d artist and interested I am sure we can pre-render/export images needed.

Graphic style. The game HuniePop (warning adult themed game) is almost the style I am looking for only not as cartoony faces

The main setting will consist of 4-5 background depicting an office area. Each area will have a number of upgradable objects, desks, coolers, additional rooms, color/wallpaper theme, etc..

A number of female portraits (head to hips) the more the better but something we can discuss. Will be used to show the stats of each woman. A bonus would be if each also contained a few different clothing options and in different poses (for the photoshoot option)

User Interface – contains basic info, money, prestige, etc.. and some shortcut icons.

There is more than this but I am just trying to give a brief overview.

Timeline: My goal is to be finished in the next 3-4 months.

?Project progress: Game play design 95%, coding to start. Platforms: PC/Mac/Tablets. Engine: Unity If this is a project that interests you and you don’t mind adult content, and you don’t mind doing a rev-share then please hit me up.

Art Lee

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