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Project SolarBot [Metroidvania-esque]

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Hello folks!

My name is Dennis, I am 25 years old and I am an indie game developer.

Please have a look at the game I am currently working on:

It is called Project SolarBot.



If you want to see the games full potential, please visit IndieGogo(link below). I had to delete a lot of pics in this thread due to picture limitations.


First of all, let me describe to you what Project SolarBot is about:


In Project SolarBot you take control of a robot. Your mission is to explore a planet named Ers. But always keep an eye on your solar meter. As soon as you're down to 0 points, SolarBot will drop like a fly.


Good night, little boy...

Fear not! You can recharge your little toy by placing him in the sun. Well, this could be a problem in caves and facilities... Meh, you'll figure something out!


As mentioned before, you're wandering on a planet searching for materials and rare technology. During your mission you'll get better equipment and the old technology will teach SolarBot how to work more efficiently.


Exploring is the most important thing in this game. Make sure that you've checked every stone before proceeding!


Improve the SolarBot by discovering secrets!

As time goes by, SolarBot will be receiving upgrades and new weapons. With those new upgrades you will be able to interact with your surroundings. An example:


This magnetic field prevents you from jumping high enough to get the Solar Tank on the rock.   Use the Magnetic Beam to switch the poles of the field. Now you'll get a huge jump boost and you'll be able to reach the Solar Tank!

One of my favourite things in video games is exploring the world you are playing in. So I decided to implement this feature in Project SolarBot too! With your scan visor you can scan things like enemies and technological stuff. 

By using your scan visor on certain things, you can discover even more secrets and details of planet Ers.


If you scanned an object, be sure to check out the database in the main menu. It will reveal weaknesses and you can learn stuff about the creature you're about to destroy too.


Ten years ago, a group of scientists found out, that the current supply of ressources will only last for about 12 years. Now, that we almost reached this deadline, the governments of your homeworld initiated a big project. Project SolarBot!

Only the smartest under the smart ones were allowed to work on this project. The mission: Send a robot to the nearest, once inhabited planet in our galaxy in order to extract and discover ressources and - if there is any left - technology.

After they finished their work, SolarBot was born! Equipped with a beam weapon, a scan visor and lots of solar panels, the little robot starts his journey. What kind of adventure awaits you? Will you be able to save your homeworld? Do you even want to save it?

The scientists had to admit that the A.I. could have been better, but who says that A.I. can't grow with its tasks?

If you want to see more of this, check out this trailer:

So as you can see, there is a lot to explore in my new game.

In order to complete the game I need financial help. That is why I started a funding campaign on IndieGogo. It would be great if you could check it out.


If you want, spread the word for me on social media. Everything helps!







Heat it up!

Dennis Dirschka,

Inferno Games

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