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Follow Mirrorgate if you're interested in watching the game as it's being developed.
Mirrorgate is a conglomerate of ideas that have accumulated over the years in imagination... with the help of game dev chat groups, forums and as part of regular hobby game development.
Now, it just feels like the right time to start the actual game project based on a vision that resulted from all these observations... and conjure full-time commitment to the game, unlike with older prototypes.
As an indie, you get to experiment with the genre and mix and match ideas. The game is sort of a hybrid.
This is a graphics teaser. Non-final example of what game graphics might look like. Just a rough draft of the game world at this point.
Go to Mirrorgate's official site to see more screenshots from the game's intro. Gamedev.net only allows up to 5 pics in a forum post.
One of my goals with the game is to achieve balance between story and believable characters and somehow weave them into Terraria-inspired gameplay. Story line has been traditionally difficult in terms of integrating with an open world game. There is still a lot to think about, of how all of this is going to work. But here are few preliminary screen shots...
Early stage character animations, designed for higher frame rate than what a GIF in a browser can do:/ Oh well...
You'll have to try to imagine them moving faster until in-engine footage in future game update.
Currently working on intro sequence, so these screenshots below are from non-gameplay footage. These are backgrounds for animated intros that will introduce the player to the world of Mirrorgate. The intro art is actually a blend between pixel art and traditional digital art. But ideally, I want to make it pure pixel art.
1. Evenings in Mirrorgate have luscious sunsets. You'd want to play just to watch one.
2. Repsi Cola. Repsberry flavor, of course. Tastes a little like grape and raspberry.
3. Empty classroom. Character animations are in the works right now.
4. An odd day at school. Sepia-like filter applied to make this mood piece.
Mirrorgate without sunsets is like.. sunsets without the sun.
That's everything for now.
Stay tuned, and if you'd like, please follow the game from the official site:
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