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adb.exe severe error

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For a while now, I have continuously had an adb.exe severe error, which has now so far halted my development.


The connection to adb is down, and a severe error has occured.
You must restart adb and Eclipse.
Please ensure that adb is correctly located at 'C:\Users\ndcp\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools\adb.exe' and can be executed.


I had followed and implemented a few suggested solutions to this particular problem from SO to the letter but still the problem remains for me.




adb.exe exist at the location,

I have reset the 'Environmental Variable path' to the location


while eclipse was closed, I ended the adb.exe process in task manager,

                                         in cmd line, I changed dir to adb location  ..../android-sdk/platform-tool>

                                         kill-server, then start-server


restart eclipse again, but problem still remain, can't run program as the above error stubbornly remain


Does anyone have a solution?

Many thanks


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Does it still happen after a reboot?


Occasionally after a server crashes some of the resources don't automatically release. Otherwise those instructions should work. 

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Does it still happen after a reboot?


Yeah, the error  did continue after reboot.  


But I have eventually found the cause and solved it -> my anti-virus software Avast 

Crashing is part of development - and not always a bad thing... even to get to know the boundary of what is possible. But anytime anything crashes Avast takes this as the enemy


I had known for a while that avast does a kind of 'sandboxing' to adb.exe if crashes occur. But if that happened I had always thought disabling avast here [attachment=33233:avast dis.jpg] was sufficient to get my program running again, but this time disabling Avast wasn't enough.


And i didn't know that, instead I was searching for solutions all over the internet.  ...Until some hours ago when I realised that even though Avast is disabled at the taskbar, it was still running at the background. ...when I got into task manager and killed off avast process, the error disappeared and I got my program running again


Avast!!!  :angry:

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