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Great game design resources.

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Somebody recently posted a link to this blog in a post

I have been reading it and it is fantastic. I feel like I am learning something new about game design each post I read. I am now wondering what other great design resources are out there that I don't know about. Lets make a nice list of game design resources people can use to get more familiar with game design. I'll start.

Extra Creditz: Talks broadly of game design topics without going very far in depth. Is a useful way to get more familiar with the breadth of game design.

Game Design Wit: Another youtube channel that goes further in depth than extra creditz. His content is much better than what his subscriber count gives me credit for

As you can see, my list is fairly short. Lets make a much longer list.

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Lost Garden: blog of Spry Fox designer Daniel Cook. He provides a list of good starting points, or pay particular attention to the posts tagged as science of game design. His prototyping challenges also make for great practice if you don't have your own ideas to work on.

Designer's Notebook: Gamasutra column of Ernest W Adams. The regular "Bad Designer, No Twinkie" columns are a good list of common design mistakes to avoid.

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