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3D Artist Desired

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Hey there! I'm usually pretty bad at these types of things so hopefully you'll bear with me as I explain the project and what I'm looking for.


What is it?


Over the last year I've been developing a project called OutpostHD. Long story short, it's a remake of the classic Sierra On-Line game Outpost released back in 1994.


ss_01_thumb.png ss_02_thumb.png ss_03_thumb.png


Why a remake?


Outpost was released unfinished. Even with several official patches that added new functionality to the game, the game was still buggy and unfinished. It has never seen a re-release and remains lost to time as one of the most epic blunders Sierra has made. It's also a 16-Bit game that no longer works on modern 64-bit operating systems.


Why should I believe that you'll actually finish this / Why should I help this project?


To sum it up:

  • I've been programming for over 20 years, mostly hobby but some professional.
  • Lots of experience developing different aspects of games.
  • Lots of development time and effort has gone into this project.
  • I am no longer the sole developer. There are several other programmers that have contributed a good amount of the code.
  • There is a large community of users eagerly awaiting a modern remake of Outpost.
  • As of this post, the game is about 70% complete.

What do you need?


The original game used 'photo realistic' renderings of 3D models for its visuals. OutpostHD is taking the same approach.


At the moment, I'm using the original graphics. These are intended as place holders. I am not the copyright holder of the graphics and in order to properly release this game I need new visuals to take the place of the originals.


Additionally, the original visuals were done in 256 colors with no alpha blending. These were the limits of computers at the time. With modern computers higher resolution graphics, higher color depths and alpha blending is now possible.


The intent here is to provide redesigned structures, robots, terrain and other visuals that weren't possible at the time.


Where can I get more information / download the current version?


The project is currently hosted and developed with an online community called The Outpost Universe. The official forum post includes all pertinent information including screenshots, videos and the download links:




What software are you using for 3D models?


At the moment? Nothing. As stated, I'm a programmer not an artist. I don't really care what program is used so long as orthographic projections can be rendered down into sprite sheets which are then drawn via the game's hardware renderer.


I'm game. Where do I sign up?


You can send me a PM via GameDev or get in touch with me over at Outpost Universe. You can also shoot me a message on Skype (leeor_net). Any of these ways work!

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