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C#/Unity programmer wanted!

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Team Structure
Myself, designer, asset and project organizer
Brandon, and 2 others
We also have on again/off again help by Chris G for art assets

Talent Needed
I have found due to real life concerns helpers frequently come and go. Having more helpers would help speed things along and hopefully carry the torch should someone decide they need to leave the project.

    * Programming for help with C#/Unity support/experience
    * Artists for converting MagicaVoxel creations to rigged models with animations

Contact Method
Contact me through my email address luckygreentiger@gmail.com. Please "reply-all" to the group when communicating so everyone is on the same page.

Previous Work by Team
This is our first project.

I have a love for games like Vandal Hearts, Tactics Ogre, and X-COM: Enemy Within. Ever since playing Vandal Hearts I've wanted to create a slew of tactical RPG-like games. The goal I have with this project is to make a game that has multi-player matches and eventually a single player campaign. I have a thorough design document, a collection of graphics, sound effects, icons, and character art (though not complete). I am also collecting music right now as well.

I would greatly love to see this game come to completion and would love to present it to the community at large. However, I work a full time job and have a family, so I am not able to pay any kind of salary and it should be considered a community project. If, when the game is finished, we feel that we can sell it on a marketplace such as Good Old Games or Steam we will work out an equitable sharing plan or stipend.

As an "indie" project and not a development studio we're going to have people coming and going as they have time or as we develop along the way. Interested individuals should approach the project with an open mind and flexible attitude. As project organizer I will try to provide a consistent and stable environment but I will need input on how to do that for the team members. Just because of problems with different time zones I would prefer sending emails and using "Reply All" so that everyone's on the same page. If there is a personal (or personnel) problem or something that needs to be addressed, private emails will be fine too.

We are using Unity with C#, we stay in contact through email, Dropbox, and git.

As far as the game itself it is an isometric style tactical game--features like fog of war, daylight/night/darkness, terrain with varying heights, line of sight/line of fire, fog-of-war, and walls for structures are desired. The art will be sprite based whether the engine is 3D or 2D. Engine can be 2D (such as Tactics Ogre) or 3D (such as Vandal Hearts or Final Fantasy Tactics). The first few milestones will be to get the game's tools ready, then hot-seat multi-player and multi-player over internet, the final set of milestones will be single player features. I'm hoping to generate not only a great game but a great toolset to make future projects.

Attached is a creen mockup to help get an idea of what we're looking for.



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