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Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk MMO needs Unreal Programmer and 3D Artists

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Hi Everybody!

I'm one of four members on a project called Prime Strike Revolution, under the indie dev studio Riftgen (brand new). We are looking for 2-3 3D artists and 1 Unreal programmer to add to the team. The goal is to release an Alpha v 1.0 in mid-2017. We'll run a kickstarter campaign to fund the remaining development and release the first public beta sometime thereafter.

A little bit about the game: It will be a 3D, 3rd-person, open-world, SCI-FI themed MMO released for PC. We also expect to have some cyber-punk design elements. Some of the highlights include an open heist system (like GTA V but with more freedom), guild affiliations and politics, and an advanced AI system where police and military use coordinated military movements to try to kill or capture players.

This brief description barely scratches the surface of what we plan to do with it! (If you'd like to know more email me or watch our website for updates.)

3D Artist Expectations
3D artists will help with asset building, weapons, character modelling, etc. We want someone who is passionate about the game concept, willing to commit to the project long-term, and can invest 12+ hours a week to development. We'd also like you to have experience in model development and texturing. Experience with Substance Painter is a plus, but not required.

Unreal Programmer Expectations
C++ programming competency is a must. Obviously, you also need experience working with Unreal engine including blueprints. Just like our 3D artists, we are looking for someone who is passionate about the game concept, willing to commit to the project long-term, and can invest 12+ hours a week to development.

What's It Like to Work With Us?
We're always open to discussion and new ideas. Everything is built with the player experience in mind while keeping tasks realistic. We're ambitious and work our butts off because we believe this can be an awesome game! We also understand there is a lot to get done to meet our deadline. We want people with that self-starter mentality that really want to see this thing through to the end.

What's In It For You?
We'll share all profits from the game proportional to the amount of time each contributor has put in. This arrangement helps us keep a fair playing field since some of us put in a lot more time than others. Please understand that launching any indie game involves risk. There is no guarantee that the project will be profitable. Also note that this will not be a play-to-win game. We have multiple channels of revenue planned that we believe will generate revenue without sacrificing the player experience. 

This project is also a great way to learn more about indie dev. as we're all learning and solving problems together! It will be an awesome bullet point on your resume, and at the end of it all, you can look back with pride at what you helped create!


I Have So Many Questions

And we have so many answers. I am happy to discuss specifics about gameplay, mechanics, team members, current progress, story, plot and more with serious candidates. Please understand that we don't want to share all of the details of the game (and there are many) on a public forum, at least this early in development. If your are interested, but want to learn more, shoot me an email or a message and I'll be more than happy to discuss details! 

If this interests you, email me a brief summary of your relevant qualifications. If you have examples of your work, links and attachments are great! (My email is available through my profile). 

All the best,


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