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Pixel Artists Wanted for RPG

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Hello, friends in the game development community.

First off, I would like to briefly introduce myself. My name is Nathaniel Sheller. I have been programming for about ten years now as a hobbyist. I began making games in Game Maker, when I was nine. From my stepdad's textbooks, at age thirteen, I began learning to program in C++, making my own games using SFML, Box2D, and a few other libraries. Today, I am twenty, and I work primarily in C# and Unity, for simplicity sake.

While I have years of experience programming, I am not an artist. A lot of projects I have started and never completed, because I don't feel as though they are ready for the world with my programmer art.

I have started a project recently that I would love to finish as a portfolio project, possibly even releasing a paid version, or selling it as an asset on the Unity asset store (I would obviously share any revenue generated from this project with anyone who helps with artwork, but I'm not even sure on any of that yet. I just want to finish the project first).

The game currently is a top-down RPG

I am looking for 2D pixel artists who are willing to help work on this project.

  • I will give you a list of some basic assets that I wish you to create.
  • Along with that list of assets, I encourage creativity. If you think of a cool enemy, sprite it!
  • You will be credited for your work! All discussion about releasing the project will be made as a team.
  • Must be able and willing to work in a virtual team, meaning at least daily communication with team mates.
  • This is just a hobbyist project, so there will be no scheduled work times. Just free time and teamwork!


Shoot me an email, or post to the forum if you would like to see screenshots of the project, or are interested. I also have a playable demo, but it's limited to only one dungeon, and it has a few minor bugs that I am working out currently.

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I'm a pixel artist, and I would love to work with you! I love working with other people on projects, and I especially love RPG games, so I feel like this would be a fun experience for me. This would be my first game, but I have modded before. I will show you some of my work in a PM if you want me to. I don't need any pay at all, I just like doing pixel art for a hobby. If you do insist on paying me, I don't need much. Anyways, I will stop rambling now. If you decide that you would like me on the team, thank you :)

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