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Virtual Reality Game Looking for 3D Modeller

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I am looking for some more help with low 3D art for a hobby virtual reality game.

(To Moderators: I have allready posted a similar ad for a musician, I hope this does not constitute double posting)


You can see a very early gameplay prototype of the game here. Keep in mind that these are only placeholder visuals, which I hacked together in unity, and I am no artist.




The game-feeI should be Nintendo-ish. That means bright colourful low poly graphics.



Why should you join the team?

I offer no compensation, this game is being made as a hobby. I have a regular 9-5 job so money is not a goal.

However, I guarantee this will be a finished game. Through rigorous descoping (keeping it small and simple), and iterative development I guarantee that this project will be finished (Unless I get eaten by a dinosaur from outer space) . As such you can look forward to having this game on your portfolio to show to your friends and future employers. I have released 2 hobby android games in the past, and this will be the 3rd so you can count on the game getting finished.


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I'm a teammate and can confirm that we can still use 3D artists if they are willing to learn to make low poly models or if they want to add such models to their portfolio meanwhile helping us out. :)


We have a really simple website now where you can check out updates here: https://vrhobbygame.blogspot.com


And anyone can join our Google+ community (just request permission to join) here: https://plus.google.com/communities/108017785404671901486

The Google+ community is used to follow and share the development progress

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