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Indie Multiplayer Galaxy Combat Gets A Release Date - Some Handy Tips

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It certainly is a Big Day for all of our core development team. Its a small team. We are a bunch of gaming people who have tried to make a free to play space game which has turned out to be real ambitious project. People loved our steam greenlight experience here of this same very game and I am happy to announce to community here the launch of our indie multiplayer space shooter game's steam page It is now listed as coming soon with a Release Date of 29th September, 4 PM PDT & I am thrilled with excitement.


Post Greenlight back in May, 2016, as our first ever project on steam we were quite unaware of many things. We didn't know how to integrate on steam, we didn't know anything about the marketing stuff etc on steam. We had to go a lot with steam documentation for weeks and besides that pile of work we just knew one thing that though our game is unique in style and gameplay in the category of space shooter but it does need the content it deserves to be launched for PC.


Small team with hefty of tasks were ahead of us. We thought it'd be easy post greenlight but we realized later on that some real serious work starts right after that. I want to list out some work in points here for the fellow developers, gamers and gaming people in general.

  • Don't be too Self-praise kind of bot and insist on stopping the development and just marketing your same stuff over and over again. Even if you have a couple of months before release time. Try something of value to add in the game to make it as fun as possible.
  • There must be a long list of demands from community and press who have seen your game on greenlight. Pick the ones who you think are most important and try achieving excellence in those features in the limited time.
  • Develop, Blog, Tweet, Talk wherever possible, Develop, Blog... Run this cycle. It helps in both development as well as marketing of the indie game. Just try be creative, honest and sometimes funny to get better results.
  • If you are having fun playing the game then there are 95% chances that people will like too what you made. If you can't satisfy yourself on a particular feature then don't force yourself to add it. Be honest to yourself.
  • Have little extra patience if you are doing an online game. You know the server issues. If you have short temper, Don't even dream to jump into the Online arena.
  • Don't miss #screenshotsaturday at any cost.
  • Someone posted a well-decorated valentines day bed on twitter. A marketing intern came up and replied to the tweet something like "Nice Bed, Please like my game" Don't be a fool. Participate where it is useful for you.
  • A coming soon steam page is a must. It gets an idea to community and games can have some sound players audience at the day of Release. Launch it at least 20 days before depends upon what is the scope of your game.
  • Don't be scared to celebrate at the launch day. Do some party. Let people know about your achievements.
  • Last but not least, Be Human (Not a Marketing BOT) Perhaps the most important thing to be aware in marketing your indie game.

I hope the community will find the tips handy. In the end I would love to share a promo shot of our upcoming game. You people can visit our steam page to add the game in your wishlist. Its a free to play. Comments are welcome  :)

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