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Reik Val

I need advice in my new step to be a gamedev

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I don't usually write in forums, but I need advice.
I've been a hobbyist game developer for 5 years, making a game in almost every "Ludum Dare Jam" and side projects.
I learned in those projects Phaser, LWJGL, Libgdx, Pygame and many others.
Recently, I started to think about make my hobby a bit more professional and release something bigger that my mini projects for PC, but... I feel I know the principles of too many things but I really don't master anything.
I'm scared about be a beginner all my life, because at this time I'm completely stuck. I know that there is no "best choice" in doing videogames, my projects are example of that, but I need to start mastering my skills, and my mind thought about C++ with lua as scripting language (or lua with löve), because I feel a lack of something in every technology that I used and I think that both are always nice if I want to join a group in the future.
I want to know how you'd faced with this step, if you did it solo (because I will, at least, at beginning) or in group and, of course, I want to know if you think that my thoughts are right.
Thanks in advance.

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I went the route of:

Complete beginner -> University -> Failing to find a job due to not being good (found out from test results for interviews at companies) -> Masters -> Job


It wasn't until a few years after doing my job for a while that I felt 'confident' in my ability and even now 10 years since the start of that job I am still learning new things.


Without seeing your existing projects, it's a little difficult to see your level. Have you made complete polished games? If not, it be worth looking at getting one of your older projects to completion.

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At the beginning  realising you are not an expert in any field is very normal. No one is an expert at the beggining, in fact that could take years. Your decision to learn a few languages is good too


Also embarking on a few projects to horn your skills is also the right direction


Transitioning to being a professional would take a lot of hard work and dedication, I followed the  steps below except  for step 4.


1.  You need to find a credible learning base:

     A computer science, game programming or other game related courses at a college or university would do. If you can't afford a college or university, there are a number of good credible cheaper game development learning websites or online resources and tutorials. But self learning requires a lot of discipline

2.  continue writing a few challenging projects;

     Don't just write project for the sake writing one - make sure you set the correct goals and objectives that would take you to the next level.  Not too simplified but challenging enough to force you to research new programming techniques, algorithm development, language advance syntax  .... in addition to consolidating previously gained skills. ...And not too difficult to keep stuck on unmanageable project, overwhelmed with problems and as such not able accomplish your goals

3.  Problem discussion forum: would do

4.  Apprenticeship at a good company.

     This is very important. In my own case I made a big mistake here (but I won't bother getting into the details other than - that I opted for a research degree - nothing bad with that on its own, but in the context of my ambitions it was a very big mistake and it derailed my core ambitions and set me backward many times over)... If you can't get a good company immediately, don't give up, keep learning by working on projects,researching new stuff, developing your portfolio and getting yourself interview ready 


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