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2D RPG Towards The Pantheon [Windows/Mac/Linux]

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For a thousand years the world has believed itself to be at peace. But behind the scenes, the forgotten group once known as The Terrorforce has reawakened and are using divide and conquer tactics to destabilize the world’s economic, social, and political norms. Tensions are rising between the many races of the world but luckily a small number of people remember the past and are determined to not let history repeat itself.
Towards The Pantheon is a 2D top down role-playing game in development where players journey through lush forests, freezing plains of snow, dystopian cyberpunk cities, and barren wastelands to find and defeat the source of The Terrorforce at The Pantheon.
Gone are the RPG clichés of potions, wars between elemental gods, and the journey where someone accidentally stumbles upon a unique magical power that enables only them to save the world. Instead Towards The Pantheon is a unique and unusual game that follows the unlikely team of Freyja the warrior, Bam the cat, Mishima the cyborg, and Phenez the dead on their simultaneously lighthearted, fun, dark, and painful journey.
  • Ability to switch between the four main characters, each with unique overworld mechanics.
  • Turn based combat system where each character has unique battle mechanics.
  • A huge fully connected overworld with an additional transportation system.
  • More than 10 regions to explore including lush forests, freezing snow lands, cyberpunk cities, barren wastelands, and a desolate mansion.
  • Dialog and support systems that allow for further character development and stat boosts.
  • A full original soundtrack that combines modern production techniques with SNES/GBC/Genesis era synthesizers. The soundtrack will be released as both an Original Soundtrack (~70 minutes) and Complete Soundtrack (containing every song in the game).
  • A unique and complex overarching storyline that ties together over 5 races spanning over 10 regions, each contributing to a deep and rich lore.
  • Freyja is a young warrior who has yet to find her self confidence and as a result she has yet to say a word in her life. She is loved by her kin for her passion, dedication, and warm heart. Freyja has been chosen by her thorp’s elder Wuotan to journey towards the Pantheon and defeat The Terrorforce. Her years of training and hard work can be seen in her impressive melee attack abilities. Freyja‘s battle system uses Health Points (HP) and Stamina Points (SP).
  • Bam is a cat who longs for adventure outside of his university studies. He is known around his town for his whimsical and comical ways, playing pranks on fellow cats, and always going back to get seconds during breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner… and midnight snacks.  While he has basic attack skills, Bam‘s strength shines through in his ability to heal and cure both himself and his team mates. Bam‘s battle system uses Health Points (HP) and Energy Points (EP).
  • Mishima is a cyborg residing in the outskirts of her cyberpunk society for which she has been ostracized. She has not yet decided whether or not to replace her organic heart with a computer chip and as a result struggles with acceptance from her cyborg peers. Although she can often leave a first impression of being shy and distant, Mishima will open up to the right people when comfortable. Mishima has a cybernetic arm that allows her to hack computers, pick locks, and attack in a variety of deadly ways. Mishima‘s battle system uses Central Processing Unit Points (CPU) and Graphics Processing Unit Points (GPU).
  • Phenez is a ghost from the dark past. He was a part of the army led by legendary warrior Aeternatus, but was unable to fulfill his duties to himself and his people. In his search for redemption and honor, Phenez joins the party and offers his skills in invisibility and dark magic. Phenez‘ battle system uses Necro Points (NP).
Towards The Pantheon‘s soundtrack by Connor O.R.T. Linning will be available for purchase on Bandcamp upon release of the game as both an Original Soundtrack (~70 minutes) and a Complete Soundtrack (containing every song used in the game). While the soundtrack includes symphonic, chiptune, and synth elements often found in RPGs, elements of genres such as noise, drone, and dark ambient help set the soundtrack apart from the standard RPG formula.
Listen to the current soundtrack demos HERE.
Links / Social Media
Towards The Pantheon
Connor O.R.T. Linning
Leandro Tokarevski
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It’s time for Towards The Pantheon’s 8th devlog! You can find previous ones at http://www.connorlinning.com/ttp.


I missed posting a devlog last week as I was working on the game itself and didn't want to be taken away from that. Over the last two weeks, we've gotten a lot done! I livestreamed some work on music and just recently Leandro and I livestreamed pixel art and programming work. We had it set up so that you could see both our screens as well as both our webcams, and I worked on adding features (and fixing bugs) to the battle system while he worked on NPC portrait art. Be sure to follow my Twitch channel so that you can jump in and hang out next time we go live! Here is some pixel artwork Leandro did of a Terrorforce soldier:




Here's a first look at some artwork for some forest region NPCs:




I've worked on a few new soundtrack demos that aren't quite at the level where I'm comfortable adding them to the current Soundcloud playlist. For this devlog however, I've uploaded them to instaud.io so you can check them out (and hopefully send me some feedback!) The first is an ambient track that has some instruments playing a 4/4 loop while others play a combination of 6/4 and 4/4 loops. The second is a potential boss battle theme. It currently does not have any melodies or chord progressions as my focus was on rhythm, bass, and ambience. Aside from the classic Sega Genesis drum sample, the drums sound a bit too modern and will likely be replaced when I return to work on the track.

I've also released some wallpapers for desktops and smartphones to the game's main webpage! Some are of single characters and others are of all the characters together, so you can choose what you like best. Pixel art wallpapers will come in the future as well.




I've also worked on various programming tasks, such as Phenez' invisibility mechanic, more battle system mechanics (enemy attacks & AI, entering/exiting battles, ability to cast healing spells, etc), and more. I've also changed the dialog system so that I can add descriptions in between characters talking (ie. *Freyja pats Bam's head.*) in case I want to use that. I'm currently working on fixing some NPC pathing, the inventory system, and adding emotes during dialog (similar to Golden Sun) should I decide to use them.


Our first teaser video for the game has just passed 1K views after two weeks. Thank you to everyone who has checked it out and supported the project, we really appreciate it! Please keep spreading the word about the game!


I'll cut this devlog short so I can get back to programming! I'm looking forward to finishing up gameplay mechanics so that my focus can shift on building levels and the' actual game itself' that will end up in your hands. Seeing the project slowly but surely come together is very exciting, since I'm not making any compromises and it's going to be exactly the game I want to make.


That's it for this week's update! If you like what you are seeing and hearing, please follow the project on social media and help spread the word!


Follow Towards The Pantheon on: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Soundcloud, IndieDB, Twitch, Google+, Imgur, Pinterest

Follow Lead Developer Connor O.R.T. Linning on:  Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitch, Bandcamp

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