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imperial dwarf

window (not windows) programming?

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How the heck can you get separate windows on your screen, each independent from what you’re doing with the rest. My intent is do get a scrolling map with status bars on the right side and the bottom of the screen. What I thought of is to have the scrollable map and the bars in different segs of the memory. So the only thing to do is to combine the viewable part of the map with the bars before scanning. However there my theory breaks down. How do you combine them without messing the whole memory and in reasonbale speed? It should scroll halfway smoothly after all. Maybe some weird graph mem ops? I’ve really no idea, besides split screen of course, which is not relly helpful. Any ideas or recommendations are welcome! By the way, I’m working with TP 6.0 and integrated asm. I know that directx and visual c are the future but hey, did you never want to invent the wheel anew?

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