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Aloadae - Open World Horror Game (Greenlight Concept)

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The Game:
Aloadae is a Open World Horror Game based on Cryengine V. Developed by a small team called Bleeding Colors . The game is set in the pacific northwest in Washington state. A thick fog will cover the game world during the whole experience. The view distance is very restricted to give the player the feeling of being isolated in a mysterious environment.
Core Features:
• Open world landscape which invites for exploring
• Intense horror gameplay
• Explore mysterious places which are so scary that you just exit the game 
• Beautiful dynamic weather and day/night cycle
• Non-linear game play
Design choices :
First we wanna talk about the fog which covers most of the landscape. So what´s the idea behind all this and why did we decide to show you only what´s happening in front of you ? We have more answers for this so sit down and grab a cup of coffee or some other drink and relax. The first explanation for this is that we struggled a bit in the early development because of the very poor performance of the game.
We solved this problem by simply using the fog to restrict your view distance and deliver you a better performance. But that´s not all the benefit from it. As longer we tested the early game build´s we always end up getting lost in the forest because we did not see much due to all the fog . This is the next benefit.
Have you ever played a game where you´ve been lost in the landscape and did not know where you are or where to go next? Well I didn´t. What about you? That was the moment where we decided to make this one of the core features of our game. In theory you can walk everywhere on the map but you will end up walking and exploring very carefully because you can get lost very easy. The longer you gonna play this game the more you gonna know about it.
Map size :
It was clear from the first minute that we wanna create something unique. Something that you will remember for a long time even months after you played the end of Aloadae.
Delivering the player a memorable and outstanding experience in a open world game is always something that is hard to achieve. Having a big map size is gonna cause us some problems in terms of the concept but its our desire to solve these design problems and fill the map with content that you like and content that is unique in every aspect.
Lets Throw some numbers right away.
Map size= 16 square miles
Walking across the map = 35-45 minutes (depends on how fast or how slow you walk)
So in theory these numbers sound good right ?
Well yes and no.
In theory every map in every open world game is causing problems to game devs in terms of performance, content variation and how believable the "open world" actually is.
So basically producing a open world game is a horrible and devastating experience at the same time.
Its gonna be a long journey to find a way to tell a story and at the same time to deliver unique gameplay features and locations. If you solve one design problem you end up finding two more. Day after day.
Character development :
We all know all these generic horror characters right ? Honestly they are in every horror game these days and even in games which are still in development. Why cant people start developing their own outstanding horror characters which you have never seen before ?
I know the answer. They get their inspiration from other horror media like H.P. Lovecraft books or old horror movies. I can say for sure that you never saw our main character in some other game or movie. Not even in you most insane dreams. But isn´t horror something more then that ? Something more then a character ? Something that is happening when you don´t know what is real anymore. For example dreams. Nightmares.
Nightmares which are so strange in a way that you ask yourself how someone can dream something like that.
You wanna know where i got my inspiration from ? From my dreams. They are the best source for good Character development because we all dream our own dreams. We cant steal characters out of someone´s dream.
Future Plans :
Everything you see in the screenshots and in the trailer is the Result of porting the old game build to the newest engine version.
This happened in the period of almost two months from August 2016 until today. We will spend the next months to finish the prototype game build which will include the core game mechanics. 
Steam Greenlight Concept Page :
All Screenshots :
Environment Trailer:
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