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Ray/Path tracing on Intels KNL (AVX512)

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with intels knl being now available to everyone, people start
asking for a native avx512 port of clpt (http://ompf2.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2075). 
knl seems to be the first accelerator from intel with some kind of power under the hood 
(knf and knc have been simple nonstarters). so i did an optimized implementation
of clpt for avx512 and was surprised about the outcome.
clpt is by far the fastest rt-kernel for cpus today but was never compared to gpus.
so i was looking around for some numbers. not much to find ! so i used the
medium numbers (viewpoint 2) from amd firerays 2 on firepro w9100 and measured the test-scenes
on cuda by using the implementation from nvidia (http://www.nvidia.com/object/nvidia_research_pub_011.html
optimized for nv titan. to make it short: using coherent ray traversal, knl can render most of the scenes
i have around stable below 1 ms into a 1024x1024 frambuffer.
rem: cuda and knl numbers are avg. values calculated out of a sequence of several thousand frames (scene fly-thru).
amd firerays is single shot.


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