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a dream? - a poetic experience

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Hello gamedeVerse clear.png
Happy to announce my game "a dream? - a poetic experience". It is an artistic game about life and personal experiences and the first title under the inochi.life label. I call the genre hyperpersonal games.
Gameplay Teaser Video
  • a dream? – a poetic experience is an artistic hyperpersonal game about different facets of life and personal experiences and expressions by the game’s auteur.
  • Each level of the game is associated to a personal theme, which is conveyed through the level composition, challenges and soundscape and is narratively structured around a poetic structure.
  • The association between movement and sound is an elemental aspect of the game and the soundscape is generated based on the interactions of the player.
  • In Japanese culture the frog is seen as a symbol of luck and throughout the progression of the game each step reflects the small steps and jumps we as humans do to progress in our lives, ambitions and dreams.
Game Mechanic
  • While the player only controls the jump of the frog (direction, strength and time), the dynamism of the levels creates a number of varieties and challenges.
  • Dynamism is created through the fact that landing creates ripples, which affects other elements in the level based on their characteristics.
  • Ripples are created not only by the player, but by any other frogs in the level, similar to the effects other people have in ones environment.
adream0910b-300x167.jpg adream0910c-300x167.jpg adream0910z-300x166.jpg
If the game sounds compelling to you, please follow me on twitter or facebook

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