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Working on a Top Down Shooter. Looking for some ideas.

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Afternoon all.


I am currently working on a top down shooter. I have a few features already implemented for the prototype, but I'm lookinig for some ideas, opinions, inspiration and what not.


So far, I have an animated character who can move around and shoot with a single weapon. There are enemy characters, also animated, who attack the player when they are within range and line of sight. (Currently only melee attacks. No animation for attacks)

The player is able to kill and be killed, as well as activate checkpoints which he will then re-spawn at.


I'm trying to keep the game fairly simple, use it as a learning exercise. That said,I would still like to finish it, therefore keeping the core mechanics fairly simple are a must.


So I'm looking for story and setting ideas mainly. One idea I had was that it was the distant future. You are part of some group with advanced technology, able to re-spawn humans n stuff. Kinda Unreal tournament like. Maybe your a clone, robots or something. Not sure.


But I need a reason, a goal. I have some ideas for more mechanics n whatnot. Some cool level ideas. But it all needs a reason.


Anything you think would be interesting, or would like to see in a game.




Please. If this is not the right place for this sort of thing, forgive me and point me in the right direction.



Thanks in advance all!

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