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DX12 Draw normal geometry and wireframe geometry in the same pass

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Hey Guys,


Often in times, we want to overlay a wireframe drawing onto the normal scene for debug purpose. But most of the time the wireframe overlay is a new render pass which means geometry vertices have to go through vs(or even gs hs ds) twice. So I just wondering is there any way to render wireframe mode and normal mode during only one pass? Or if there aren't how could we minimize the duplicated workload (bandwidth, vs, gs etc)?


I was thinking of using MRTs for which one RTs is in normal mode while other is in wireframe mode, and then later do a compose, but soon I realize dx12 can't have multiple Rasterizer mode setup in one PSO, so can't work that way.


Another way I can think of is using GS streamoutput to write out data after vs, gs, and even tessellation, and later just pass to ps. but it seems this may even be worse than just render twice since the bandwidth and the amount of data need to pass in and out maybe huge....


So I am out of idea, and come to you guys for help/





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