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Looking for artistic talent to help with The Hero Saga

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Looking for some extra talent to bring into a project I'm currently prototyping.

The Hero Saga is a collection of epics describing the heroic deeds of countless adventurers. Built upon Wizards of the Coast's SRD5e rules used to create Dungeons and Dragons, this is a collective story telling game based on PnP tabletop RPGS, in the same vein as games such as Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Icewind Dale. As the GM, you collaborate with your party to unravel another chapter in the neverending Hero Saga, while adventurer-controlling players share the role that their hero plays in the saga.


Striving to be the truest-to-form adaptation of the d20 rule set, The Hero Saga will include features that allow the GM to: 
--Create their own world in real time (in place!)
--Customize atmosphere in real time, including ambient light color, time of day, sun size, fog color, density and altitude (all in place!) and soon to include ambient sound
--Customize terrain in real time 
--Custom item and NPC creation in real time!
--Much, much more!


While allowing adventurers to:
--Create a character to their specs, all within the allowances of SRD5!
-Openly explore the entire world created for them! (In progress!)
--Engage in traditional-to-its-roots, turn based, tactical combat!


Other planned features include: 
--Cross between real time exploration and turn based combat. 
--3rd person or isometric at the roll of a mouse wheel!
--Enough customization to create endless replayability!
--Hand-painted art style



I'm not a mainstream studio, I'm not looking for AAA-quality, but I do expect a certain quality standard. Starting mass production of assets (various humanoid and animal skeletal meshes--including rough texturing, rigging and preliminary animations--items based off of SRD5e, and structural/environmental static meshes) will be first priority. After which, animation of skeletal meshes and textures may then be brought closer to production quality.


Must have a legal license for your preferred software if not using freeware (Blender, etc.)
Ideally will also be familiar with the work flow involved in properly exporting to FBX format for import into UE4.




Just a quick example of some "GM" functionality.  Obviously, this is using totally stock assets, etc.


**Video from "player character" perspective was brought closer for the sake of clearer video (used a free online recording application, so quality was a concern lol)



If you'd like to assist on the project, I can be reached at,, or of course here :-)



Thank you!

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