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Wanna Learn How to Make Music for my Hobby Game projects

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I can already code and do some vector art.

And I wanna learn how to make music too cause I know a guy who can code, do art and music on his own.

So I asked him how he got started and his advice is basically "Just do it" "and learn some music theory".

After that I got FL Studio Mobile on my phone and made my first song following this tutorial.

It was meh but hey, it's my first song and I need to learn.

I can't really find many articles and resources particularly on making music for video games.

It would be great if you can share some articles you know. Thanks!



I wanna make fun music, like for fun action games

I don't wanna go professional really (most articles I found seem to be for people wanting to be professional and going into the industry)


Also I've also found these beside the tutorial mentioned earlier:

How To Write Music For Video Games (don't really understand this, maybe I need to learn some music theory)

The 5 Stages of an Electronic Music Producer (and How to Progress Effectively Through Them) (does this applied to video game music producer too?)

Youtube: How to Make Video Game Music For Beginners! ( Walkthrough ) (not my genre)

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