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The Last 24 Hours Of Galaxy Combat Wargames Releasing On Steam!

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If I say I don't have butterflies in my stomach that would be a plain lie as the reality is otherwise. Ahh... Just 24 hours left till the Galaxy Combat Wargames releasing worldwide on Steam for PC tomorrow at 4 PM PDT


You don't develop beyond your boundaries. The key thing is to remain in your limits and your strengths. If you are an Indie, accept it in your mind but not in your heart. Thinking Big and out of the box is not crossing your boundaries. It is within your universe. The sun does not shines outside its orbit. It shines earth to full bright keeping a revolve in its own orbit and same goes with other stars.


Consider the sky as the main hub and label thousands of stars as video games and people living on earth are the gamers. Now when you look up at the sky with a naked eye, you see a cluster of stars. There are thousands of starts but the brighter one shines that are easily identified and your whole attention drives towards that very bright star. This is called the differentiation.


Being Indie isn't a problematic thing. Not shining enough to your capacity is a problem though. If you have created an indie game with small yet fun to play content, you are okay to celebrate and create hype about it.That is what we a small team who loves video games is trying to do with our indie head to head multiplayer space shooter title Galaxy Combat Wargames


I looked at other bunch of space shooter or space games so to say and I haven't found a single one with a head to head this style of gameplay that we have integrated into our game. That is not to undermine any other space game developer effort as every game has its own differentiation and has a genre. It is just the inner satisfaction as a dev team that hey, we are also presenting something new to the audience. I remember a very unique comment on the gameplay we received earlier during the early days of steam greenlight. A journalist called GCWG something like a tennis game in an space environment that you have your court area and you are throwing bullets to each other constantly trying to outsmart your opponent.


Post Greenlight, One major thing we have implemented into the game are the Planetary Arenas. We wanted different space environments into the game and that was much demand from the community but we didn't want to put that feature straight away. Instead, We have integrated a Map right there in the main menu. The players will have a choice to choose the environment they want to compete in against other players. Each planet will serve different leaderboards. Your challenge will be is to become the ultimate champion of all the planets. Its a free to play and you can compete any one around the globe.


The game development has ended, we have hit the Gold Version last week and we are all set to hit it and do some celebration. We are finalizing the launch trailer for the game at the moment what you can call a theatrical trailer which will be released along with the game.


I will open up more emotionally and logically in the making of Galaxy Combat Wargames as a future journal/blog.


Till then Don't forget to check Galaxy Combat Wargames on steam after 24 hours. A free to play experience on steam and help us with your feedback and reviews. Till then, Let me share the image of the Planetary Arena Map for you to watch and yeah two in game shots  :)


You can add the game on your steam wishlist here on our Steam Page


Blog written by: Ali - Fork Particle Games


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