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Compiled library is not placed in the cmake build directory

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The compiled library is placed in a directory related to project sources dir:




This causes issues when you have more than single build directory in the project. I personally have maybe 10 different build directories for different compilers/platforms ;) (linux compilation, mingw-32bit, mingw-64bit, 32-bit linux static package, 64-bit static package etc...). All these build directories use by default single library which is placed in "${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/../../lib". This causes erros when linking final executable. For example the 32-bit executable tries to link previously compiled 64-bit library.


Here is original bug report:



We fixed this by just removing this line. It would be nice to make this fix upstream, so that we won't need to apply this modification after every update.

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Thanks for the bug report. It makes perfect sense. I'll have the changes made in the SVN.



Please excuse my ignorance (I'm not a Linux developer and don't personally use cmake), but where will the library be written to by removing this line? 

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Actually there were two lines that I removed. It was this commit:



In our case it is placed in build directory:



The path seems to be a bit complicated because cmake file is in "projects\cmake". Otherwise it would be:



If you need something more simple, you can use ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR} for the LIBRARY_OUTPUT_PATH variable, for example something like:



Though I didn't check if it works ;)

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