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Looking for C# programmer and Texture Artist [Horticulture, Survival, and Aliens]

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Greetings all,


I've been working on a 3D rpg in Unity that is based around exploration, survival, biological systems, and alien cultures. The most fundamental objective of the game is for the player to explore multiple regions with different ecosystems, harvest seeds and food from the plants in those systems, grow new plants from the seeds they collect, and survive on food they gather or fish for. Additionally, there is a story line woven into the game world (part of a planet called EM-saio) which allows for hopefully engaging NPC interactions, 'quests', and various influences on game play and the game world. I also have ideas for what I think would be a sort of unique crafting system.


An objective that I have personally with this project is to make a game that is engaging to a wide range of individuals and introduces players to a perspective which regularly draws on the interconnectedness of biological systems and the depth of nutrition that exists in one's environment environment (earth (food), air (breath), water (fluids), and fire (light and heat))


I'm the only one working on this project right now. I've created a number of unfinished hobby game projects in the past, mostly 2D, but I feel like my ideas and skills are developing now to the point where I can actually make something more cohesive and complete.

For this project I have been creating 3D assets (textured), music and sound effects, working out a lot of game systems in my head and on paper, and writing prototypes in C# for some of the basic game functionality (player movement, inventory and item systems, dialogue system, day and night cycle, etc.)

Though I have been teaching myself to code on and off for a decent number of years, I'm not a very experienced programmer. I am much more of a visual and audio person at this point in time. Programming is the main role that I hope to find someone else interested in helping with. I am certainly still interested in being part of it though, not looking for someone to throw the programming of an entire game on hah.


That said, I am really interested in working with anyone who thinks this project sounds interesting and wants to contribute.

Feel free to message me on here or email me at regeniversity@gmail.com if you're interested.


Good fortune 

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Hey Regeniversity,


I saw your post and thought your game idea sounded interesting.  I'm a C# developer with about 10 years of programming experience (it's my day job) and about 5 years of experience in Unity.


I'd love to see any sketches, art prototypes, game design documents you may have to get a better idea/vision of your game at a high level.


Let me know if you interested in possibly collaborating.  You can email me at casperas14@gmail.com or message me on here.


Wish you and your project the best either way.

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