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Unity programmer for text based game

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Hi, I'm James and I am looking for a decently talented programmer familiar with the Unity engine capable of making a plot driven turn/text based game with a modest interface.


If you are interested in working with me, please e-mail me at baileyfogerty@yahoo.com.


Find below a brief description of the game.

Post-Torrent is a turn based survival rpg, largely text based where every turn outside of combat is a day.

Gameplay is largely oriented around player choices, i.e. joining a camp or starting their own.

First the player chooses the board they wish to play on, but the boards are largely still in the concept stage.

The player next chooses a primary character (after reaching a predetermined level with the basic character multiple builds for that character become available for future playthroughs to display the general character growth throughout the story.) which will be from a predesigned set of characters optimized for well roundedness and potential progression or designed by the player.

Next they choose whether to start off in a group or alone. There are benefits to both options and ways to switch between the two during the game, for example a solo player can join other groups that he finds and characters with certain traits can sepparate from their intial group and go it alone for a while or join another group (where a variety of political choices arise).


Combat is turn based and still in development.


Gameplay is simplistic but long a provides a lot of options and decisions for the the player.


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