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Unity Looking for (mmo)rpg tutorial

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Hey guys,


I'm following some tutorials to create different types of games step by step.

However i wish to make an mmorpg (simple one though, maybe even offline).

Going in the direction of simplified diablo/runescape'ish games.


Does anyone know where i can find a good step by step tutorial, preferably on C# + unity.

Basicly so i can edit the looks / stats / combat and move style / levels, etc.


Currently i can program simple games, but rpg , with actualy walking arround in a level seems like a new challenge.

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There are no tutorials that will show you how to do something on that scale to any quality above "rubbish." You need to just start figuring it out on a piece by piece scale. Here's some of the important pieces you need re: networking...


Find a tutorial for simple (language of choice) client/server chat programs. That will get you started in the most basic, rubbish level of networking code.


Find the tutorials you need to make a level loader, complete with simple non-interactive NPCs (e.g. wandering non-hostile creatures or townsfolk) and loading triggers. Then make sure you can travel between dozens of such levels.


Then extend the latter to push your character id & level id & position to the server on a routine basis. Then extend it to receive NPC id & (create,update,delete) & position messages from the server, so the server can tell you when other players show up in, move around in, and leave the same level that you're in. Then make the server send updates sent by one player to all other players in the same room.


At that point, you'll have the most basic rudiments of a graphical MUD client.

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I would skip anything online related for now, based on your current experience/skill level.


Also, unless you have a huge team, or enough money to hire a huge team, forget anything related to MMO.

(Note that MMO and online are completely different ballparks. A "normal" online game supporting 4-8 players is one thing, an MMO game supporting tens/hundreds of thousands concurrent users is a completely different beast.)


A simple singleplayer RPG might be doable, as long as you keep things simple and basic.

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