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3D Model Artist Looking for Practice

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I'm looking to sharpen my skills and stay productive. Sure, I just started getting Really serious about modeling, but I've experimented before. Three + years ago I developed a 2D game with a small group found here on GameDev. Two years ago we started a 3D game, but it was too ambitious. I've been practicing recently on the model sheets we developed way back then. It's going pretty good. 


Basically, I'm just looking to help out while practicing and learning new things. I'll link to my youtube. I've done a few little things, but the exciting thing is I've only just started a few weeks ago. Soon I will be Much much better of course. 


I'm not pressed on getting on a team asap. In fact, I would rather work locally in Maryland. Just thought it might be cool to help out and learn as I go. I'm decent at it and I feel I could do some solid work in the future. I enjoy 3D art. 


Here's a Greatsword I did in a couple hours. Keep in mind I just started going at 3D like a wild animal about 2 weeks ago, if that. 


Here's a Bear that took me way too long. I didn't bother touching it up, adding teeth, or anything like that. It's a derpy bear. 


And only a few days into learning, I tried my hand at a hand... Modeled after Jaime Lannister. 

(this is bad... but whatever. I can do better now)




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