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What engine shall you use? - Indie Guide

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Now, engine is the biggest choice in your career.

Of course after time you will chose a new one and learn him.

But which engine shall be your first one?

Well, there are a couple of other questions to ask yourself before this one.


What graphics do you want your games to be, 2D or 3D?


What do you like to do more, programming drawing etc.?


How much time do you have to spend on learning?


Are you sirius on game developing, or not? (doesnt really matter for this topic).


                                                                      What graphics do you want your games to be, 2D or 3D?


Now, if you want your game to have 2D graphics, i really do recommend you work with game maker. It is just going to be easier for you to work with it,

Game Maker is made for 2D games only and its easier to install.

Of course for 3D graphics here comes Unity.




Game maker's language is called gml it is easy to learn first when i started making games i learned it from YouTube tutorials from

He is saying everything in a easy to learn way and teaches you everything.

However this language is used only in game maker, only for games.


Unity supports 2 languages, C# and JavaScript. They are litttle bit more complex and are harded to learn.

The main YouTube you shall watch to learn it is

He will teach you in C#.

C# is a more usefull language for many other things then just game making in Unity.

If you wanna learn JavaScript you have to search for somone alone. Sorry!


                                                                How much time do you want to spend learning?


Game maker is easier and faster to learn. 

Like i said i learned it at the age of 12 without any money just wint YouTube tutorials.

Main YouTubers: 

HeartBeast -

Shaun Spalding -


Unity is more complex and harder to learn.

I dont really like Unity, but iit was hard for me to learn it, without giving money. Not gonna lie.

therea are much more YouTubers for it and since its such a popular Engine, its asset store is full of things for free! 

Main YouTubers:

Brackeys(C#) -

WhyteSeal(C#) -


                                                                  Are you sirius on game developing, or not?


Now, if you are very sirius i'd recommend you starting with Game Maker, and then switching to Unity if you want to make 3D games.

If you want to make 2D games stay with Game Maker, or look deeper if you think Unity is better.



People might ask themselves : Why didnt you talk about Unreal Engine 4 or CryEngine or etc.?

Unity and Game Maker are the easiest Engines with a big community.

But dont think because of that they are both not powerfull.


Be happy to ask me any questions :-).


Twitter : @NikiHadzhev

Skype : ni-ki10

Email :

Feel free to also add me on any of those.


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