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Need programmer for a ball game

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The ball game idea.

I would like to program it but I don't know how. I know enough in unity to design each stage. So who wants to do this project? It will be fine! :)

2d top down game. Move ball to an objective point to win.

You control ball like angry birds. click, pull, release, fire. However, it's a top down game, so no flying in the air.

Obstibles will be in your way to reach objective point to win. The list as follows below.
Shatter wall. Wall will break if struck by the ball with great force.
Moving wall. Wall moves from one point to another point.
Spinning wall. Wall spins.
Reverse wall. Ball hits it bounces off wall in opposite direction.
Glue wall. ball sticks to wall.
Illusion wall. looks like a wall but isn't really their.
Air wall. pushes a force in a direction.
Fire wall. ball touches wall is game over.

I want to imply a way to earn income generated by the players.
In game purchase $2 to turn off ads.
Ads pop up after so many attempts to complete stage.

We can add a bigger stage allowing you to move the ball more than once for a limited amount of times.
Add a ghost that chases you, if touches ball you lose. those moves through walls.
Objects you need to collect.
Each stage can have a 0-3 star victory depending on the score you get. high scores come from collecting objects.

We can keep it simple. No need for high quality art. Each wall can be a different color to represent the different walls. We could make the ball a character object if we want to. We can discuss this.

Who wants to build the game with me?


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Hello Stucker,


I think you would get more feedback and offers if you provided some mockups of the concept up front. You could take some time to create graphics for the game and lay them out in Unity and then take some screenshots to help illustrate the game mechanics.


I am a bit confused about the comparison to Angry Birds but the fact that it is top down. One of the main mechanics of Angry Birds is the trajectory which is viewed from the side perspective. In a top down perspective how are you going to see the angle that you are shooting the ball? Or is it not involving a trajectory at all? If so I am really struggling to understand the game mechanics of your idea.

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The game has no graphics.

I suggested angry birds because it flings the object. I want the same thing done with the ball just at a top down perspective.

But I know posting the idea here, someone will just use it. It's a good idea. I'll pay someone $100 for the code. A good programmer can do this in a couple hours.

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