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2D Tower Defense top-down view JavaScript

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Hey Everyone!
I'm looking for advice with a top-down tower defense game very similar to kingdomrush http://www.adweek.com/socialtimes/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/IMG_1398.png I guess plants vs zombies has a similiar approach aswell


Now as for my background I did a fairly minimalistic version of PacMan in Java last year (tilemap, movement, collision, AI, but without any sophisticated pathfinding)


I'd like to tackle this with JavaScript(ES6) and HTML5 Canvas. What I need right now is someone to explain to me how do i structure the map.


Can anyone briefly explain the approach kingdom rush uses?


How should i go about creating the overlapping trees or other objects?


How to handle objects that are bigger than one tile? should i cut them into pieces?


And last but not least. How should i go about path finding for the creeps? should i read up on using path finding algorithms or is there a simpler solution if i have a predefined path on the map.



DISCLAIMER: I'm not looking to copy kingdom rush or any other tower defense game. This question is for purely educational purposes


Thanks for all the tips!

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