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OpenGL LLGL (Low Level Graphics Library) Project

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Hello to all graphic enthusiasts :-)


I'm currently working on a thin abstraction layer for Direct3D 11 and OpenGL (D3D12 and Vulkan will follow)

to have a unified interface for my graphics applications (demos, prototypes, games, etc.).


Today I uploaded the first pre-release of my project on github:

LLGL (Low Level Graphics Library) 0.01 Beta


The library is well documented and has a Getting Started PDF file.

The library is also pre-compiled for Win32-MSVC14 (VisualC++ 2015), and Linux 64-bit (GCC).


I hope someone can make use of it and maybe I can get some feedback ;)


And here are a few screenshots of the Tutorials:

(but remember it's a low-level library, so don't except too much from the tutotrials)












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Looks nice at first glance !

One suggestion: You might want to have some cross compiler for shaders. having to rewrite shaders in both glsl and hlsl seems a pain to work with...

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Yeah, you're right. I already worked on a cross-compiler like that (see HLSLTranslator), but it's an unfinished project.

For 100% uniformity you'll need a little more than just an abstraction layer like this.

The differences between framebuffers in OpenGL and render targets in Direct3D are a problem, too.

Or rather their lower-left vs upper-left image space origin.

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