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Rochelle Shae

Looking for Developers to join my team

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I am currently making a reality on the computer called UtopiaOS. It is a Virtual Environment Operating System (VEOS) that we will simulate real outer space algorithms into a game and also particles, atoms, nature, physics, and scientific elements. You will be apart of every aspect of game development I have to offer. We will make the OS on Unreal Engine 4.


Within the OS, you will be able to develop anything you want within the OS because we will create a Visual, Sound, and Input handy developer to create in game programs. Yes, you will be able to program within our OS. We will implement a C++ custom official language for our OS so developers can create whatever they want within the universe. 


We will be advertising through our networks on facebook anyways, and up front sales at first. We will be telling a lot of people that we have the next fad. Really guys! This is it.


If you would please understand that I am apart of illu and I have immediate power over what goes on.


I am king. If you have the passion to be a king this is the next best thing.


We will have a in game organization of the whole game, taxed fees, huge fee monthly, and we will reign.


Please I am asking you to hear me, this is important, and I really need you guys help. 

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